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Being on time Image - SirVent Chimney & Venting ServiceOne simple habit can help you to succeed at your business venture: Punctuality. For many people in business, punctuality is seen as a crucial element to success, so much so that many professionals say being on time is one of the most important practices of successful people. There are a few reasons punctuality has been deemed a key element of business success.

Being on time builds trust.

When you’re meeting with a client or attending a meeting, showing up at the pre-appointed time shows that you will keep your word. When you set an appointment or a meeting time, you are committing to being at a certain place at a certain time. If you don’t uphold that commitment, you will cause clients or coworkers to question your trustworthiness.

Being on time shows respect.

Being on time demonstrates that you respect other people’s time. When you treat your business associates with respect by honoring your time commitments to them, they are more likely to return your respect.

Being on time makes the most of your time.

When you are late to meetings or late to appointments, you stand to miss a lot. You can miss valuable information being presented. You miss out on time to talk with an important client. By being on time, you make sure that you are making the most of your time and the most of your appointments.

Being on time shows that you are organized.

If you are constantly showing up late to meetings and appointments or missing deadlines, you are showing those you work with that you aren’t organized enough to get out the door or finish a job within an allotted time frame. If people believe you are disorganized, they will be less likely to trust you with more complicated jobs or assignments.

Being on time allows you to be prepared.

When you arrive to a meeting, appointment, or presentation on time or a little early, you have time to prepare. Punctuality can help you to be cool, calm, and ready in a business situation.

Being on time leaves a good impression.

In business, people look for all reasons to judge. Often, people are left with little to go on when deciding who to hire or who to trust with specific tasks. Punctuality leaves a good impression with coworkers, bosses, and potential clients. By being on time, you are eliminating one reason people may choose not to do business with you.

Punctuality can mean a lot when you are trying to move forward at work or in a new business venture. It is an important habit to develop to show people that you are professional, trustworthy, respectful, and organized. If you struggle to be on time, look for simple ways to improve your ability to be on time, such as planning to show up to appointments or meetings 10 minutes early, setting alarms to remind you to leave at a specific time, and planning in extra time to accommodate for bad traffic or other unforeseen circumstances. By focusing on improving your punctuality, you can improve your chances for business success.