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We’re often given a dismal outlook for the future of the job market. More and more young people are struggling to find jobs in their fields, and people are being saddled with debt for educations that haven’t led to careers. There’s an exception to that negative job market news: Blue collar jobs. Blue collar jobs are a great way to make a living!

Blue collar work is a great way to make a living - SirVent Franchising

Blue collar workers are in demand.

While some people are struggling to find work in their fields, blue collar workers are in demand. Many companies report difficulty in finding workers skilled for their jobs, and that’s expected to increase as the skilled workforce of the Baby Boomer generation retires without younger workers trained to replace them.


Training for blue collar jobs are cheaper.

Blue collar work isn’t unskilled work. Blue collar jobs generally require some form of training, whether it’s on-the-job apprenticeships, trade school or an associate’s degree. All of that training makes less time and costs less than a four-year college degree, and especially less than advanced degrees. That means that when blue collar workers start their jobs, they aren’t saddled with the same debt as traditional college graduates.


Blue collar work pays well.

Many blue collar jobs pay as well, if not better, than white collar jobs. Plenty of blue collar jobs average annual pay in the $40,000 to $65,000, and there are plenty of blue collar jobs that pay $100,000 or more.


Blue collar jobs offer opportunities for advancement.

As in most traditional careers, blue collar jobs offer employees the opportunity to advance. Workers who are dedicated and show aptitude often are given opportunities to progress through a company’s hierarchy. Many blue collar companies also will offer on-the-job training opportunities that allow employees to grow their skills and advance their careers.


Blue collar jobs allow for creativity and critical thinking.

Blue collar jobs offer workers the opportunity to get way from the monotony of office work. Many blue collar workers work with their hands and have plenty of opportunity to get creative with their work. Most blue collar jobs involve a great deal of critical thinking to trouble shoot problems and approach projects from the best angle.


Blue collar workers can be entrepreneurs.

People who are trained in blue collar work — from painting to plumbing to masonry to chimney sweeping — all have the opportunity to own their own companies. When you’re skilled in a trade, you have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur within that field and offer your skills and services through your own company.

If you’re looking for your next career move, consider blue collar work! The job market is growing for blue collar workers. There are many varied fields and opportunities, which means you’re sure to find a job that fits with your interests and your personality. Blue collar work can be a great way to make a living and establish a career.