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All companies are looking to attract and retain the best employees. The best way to attract and keep the best is with a strong corporate culture that makes people want to work for you and keeps your employees happy. Building a corporate culture that’s worth staying for takes constant effort. Here’s what you can do to build a culture for your business that’s worth staying.


Cultivate respect.

One of the most basic, and essential, elements of a strong corporate culture is respect. Treat your employees with respect, and insist that they treat one another with respect, as well. Cultivating respect as part of a positive corporate culture goes beyond treating people courteously — though that is important. Cultivating respect also means implementing policies that show you trust their judgement. Consider allowing flexible scheduling or unlimited PTO, which shows your employees that you trust their ability to manage their own time. Don’t micromanage your employees. Listen to their thoughts and feedback. All of these things demonstrate that you truly respect your employees as trusted and valuable members of your team.

Show people the value of their contributions.

Nearly universally, people want to go to work and feel as though they are contributing to something. To bolster your corporate culture, show your employees how they are contributing to the success of your business. Your company should have a mission statement that is the core of what you do. Your mission statement should be prominently displayed, and your employees should understand your mission statement. And most importantly, your employees should understand how their job, on a daily basis, contributes to the company’s mission.

Give your employees room to grow.

Employees are more likely to remain with a company if they see not only their current contributions but if they also are able to see how they can grow their roles in the future. Take the time to understand your employees’ career goals. Help create a pathway that will get them to those goals. Give them tasks that challenge them and help them grow the skills they need to advance toward their goals with your company.

Encourage team bonding.

Teamwork and collaboration are at the core of a positive corporate culture that encourages employees to stay with a company. Of course, there are plenty of elaborate fieldtrips and team-building activities that can encourage employee bonding. There are also simple ways that you can build your team. Have a monthly potluck lunch. Schedule regular happy hours. When the weather is nice, have a cookout for lunch, or take a break for a group ice-cream break. From a business standpoint, look for opportunities for employees to collaborate; make connections between employees who will work well together and bring complementary skills and expertise to a project so they can work to achieve a common goal.

A solid corporate culture is critical to the success of your business. Most importantly, a positive corporate culture helps you to attract and retain the best employees. Your job, as your business’s leader, is to create a corporate culture worth staying for by creating a respectful, collaborative workplace that recognizes employee contributions and gives them room to grow.