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Corporate culture has been an extreme focus for many businesses, and it’s easy to see why. Companies like Google, Disney, and Virgin that are known for their corporate culture gain loyal employees and loyal customers. While your business might not be operating on that scale, it doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from cultivating a positive culture in your business.

Your company’s culture affects how your employees feel about coming to work, how hard they’re willing to work toward your goals and how they approach customers, challenges, and new projects. A positive company culture can help attract new employees and retain your existing employees. It can make your customers feel good about doing business with you. So how do you create the company culture you want for your business?

Define your company values

Creating a culture for your business begins with defining the values you want your business to revolve around. Think about your goals in starting your business and how you envisioned your company. What are your own personal values? Consider your past business experience and what corporate values worked and didn’t work elsewhere. Create a list of values that you’ll center your business culture on.

Create a mission statement

Turn your list of company values into an actionable mission statement. This can be a single sentence that sums up your corporate culture or a list of statements that reinforce the values you wish to see your employees embody. Your mission statement will help you to clearly communicate your corporate culture to your employees, and it can provide guidance when making decisions, setting goals or outlining plans for your business.

Get your team excited about your company’s values

The best corporate cultures create an environment in which all of the employees feel like they are a valued part of the company team. To cultivate a team in your business, communicate clearly with your staff, listen to their feedback and involve them in strategizing and decision making. Emphasize the importance of your corporate values to your team. Celebrate employees who exemplify your corporate culture and give voice to the employees who will cheer on your corporate culture.

Grow your team with like-minded employees

When you hire new team members, make sure they’re a good fit for your company culture. While it is important to have a team with diverse skills and viewpoints, your employees need to share in their positivity and their ability to respect and uphold your mission statement.

Set the example

One of the best ways to create corporate culture is through your example. When your actions and attitude are in line with your corporate values, your employees will follow suit. In addition, you’ll demonstrate that you value the company’s mission statement and culture.

Creating a corporate culture that will move your business does take thought and effort. But when you put time and energy into creating a positive, motivating company culture, you’ll be rewarded with an energetic team that’s willing to work hard to achieve your company’s goals.