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Your business’s long-term success depends on the strength of your team. A good CEO and a good team of managers may steer the direction of the business, but if they aren’t backed by a team of strong employees, the business can’t run smoothly.


As a leader, the best thing you can do for your team is help them learn to grow their strengths and skills and use those strengths and skills to further your company’s goals. With that in mind, there are several things you can do to help bolster your team.


Focus on strengths.Your business’s greatest asset is your team - SirVent Franchising

Every one of your team members has a special skill set that they bring to the table. It is your job as a leader to identify each team member’s unique skills and to help them learn to use those skills to their advantage — and to the business’s advantage.



Trust your employees to accomplish your company’s tasks. Give them goals and allow them to find their own ways to reach those goals. If you micromanage, it doesn’t give your employees the opportunity to use and grow their skills, and it instills a sense of distrust that will erode a culture of teamwork.


Challenge your employees.

Help your employees grow. If you only give them tasks they have done before and tasks you know they can accomplish easily, it doesn’t give them a chance to further their skills. Assigning your team members with challenging tasks also will keep them interested in their work and will help boost their confidence.


Don’t be the problem solver.

Encourage your employees to find solutions to their own problems. While you should provide direction when needed, you shouldn’t create a culture in which employees always are running to you for help. If your employees are trained to troubleshoot on their own, your business will still be able to run smoothly when you are away or unavailable.


Reduce the hierarchy.

Don’t overburden your employees with hierarchy. Encourage a true team environment, in which all of your employees work together to tackle projects and forward company objectives.


Show your appreciation.Your business’s greatest asset is your team - SirVent Franchising

Showing your appreciation demonstrates that you value and appreciate your team. It is great to appreciate the team as a whole, by catering lunches or bringing in coffee, but you also should recognize individual efforts. Make a practice of calling out individuals for their outstanding contributions. When you receive compliments about one of your team members from a client or other outside source, make sure you share that praise, as well.

While a strong leader is necessary for any successful business, a business runs daily with the support of its team. It can be easy to focus on growing your business and on growing yourself as a leader, but focusing on cultivating your team of employees will bring you closer to both of those goals.