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When you work for yourself by opening your own business, one of the greatest benefits is that you get to center your business around your values. Whether you’re goal is to provide the best customer service possible, increase your customers’ quality of life or serve as a valuable resource to your community, you get to decide what your company’s focus will be, and you get to determine how you will pursue that focus. When you focus your business on your core values, not only will you feel good about your business and what you do, but you will have a clear vision for your business and a guide for making decisions that helps you lead your business to success. Here’s how you can center your business around your values.

State your values

The first step in centering your business around your values is to state what your values are. Begin by writing down what your values for your business will be. Once you’ve written them for your reference, start stating those values for others. Your company’s values should be part of your employee handbook. It should be clearly stated in communications with employees. Put them on your website. Post them around your office. When you state your values clearly and often, it will keep your values front and center in your mind and in the minds of your employees, and it will help your customers understand your business and what to expect from it.

Surround yourself with people who share your values

Successfully living your values often depends on your ability to surround yourself with people who share those values. Hire employees who understand your vision for a values-centered business. Collaborate with other businesses who share your values. Join community organizations and business organizations that represent your values. When you surround yourself and your business with people who share your values and your vision, it will be easier to remain centered on those values.

Put your money where your values are

When you’re making decisions about how to invest in your business, you should be investing the most money on the things that represent your values.That might be employee training that allows your employees to gain the skills they need to provide service that matches your values. It might mean investing in more customer service representatives. It might even mean spending more on marketing efforts so you can more clearly and effectively communicate with your customers.

Celebrate your values

When you want to keep your team on board with your value-centered business, it’s important to celebrate things that represent your values. When you see an employee do something that represents your business’s values, make a point of praising that action. You might even add a regular weekly or monthly reward for employee who has best represented your values within that time period. The reward doesn’t have to be substantial or elaborate, but taking the time to celebrate provides time to remind employees of your values, and it demonstrates to your employees how important your business values are to you.

Owning your own business comes with so many benefits. Enjoy one of the biggest benefits by centering your business on your values so you spend your time running a business you feel good about.