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Success Key Image - SirVent Chimney & Venting ServiceSuccess doesn’t come as a matter of luck. People aren’t successful because of their achievements; they are successful because of their personalities. Successful people are programmed to excel because they possess the characteristics of success: Perseverance, self-awareness, focus, drive and resilience.


Perseverance, grit, stick-to-it-iveness — whatever you call it, successful people universally stick to their missions. Regardless of what obstacles appear, no matter how big the hurdles seem, successful people will persevere and continue to work toward their goals. Successful people will persevere through uncomfortable situations, difficult times and setbacks to reach their goals. More than talent or intelligence, perseverance can lead a person to high levels of achievement.


Successful people aren’t afraid to take a hard look in the mirror. In fact, successful people make self-awareness a priority. Self-awareness allows people to assess their personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses to determine which of their traits will help them reach their goals and which of their traits need to be developed to help them on their path to success.


Successful people are able to address the task before them using their strengths and abilities in a way that will help them toward their goals. In a state of heightened focused, a successful person will funnel all of their skills into a task so that the task almost seems effortless. At the same time, their focus on their task spurs them to advance their skills so they can fully meet the challenge before them.


Achievement and success take drive. Successful people like to face tasks head on. They like to do tasks well, and they’re competitive about the quality of their work. Successful people will get their hands dirty and tackle tasks themselves. That drive helps successful people to advance because they are willing to take on tasks that are outside of their comfort zone. Successful people thrive on pushing themselves, pressure from others to do well, competition and deadline.


People who are programmed to success know in advance that the road to reaching their goals won’t be an easy one. They know that challenges and difficult times are ahead, and they don’t shrink away from adversity. Negative experiences and personal struggles can lead successful people even further toward their goals. Often, in trying times, successful people will kick into high gear, working harder to develop their skills and focusing more deeply on their goals.

While successful people may naturally be geared toward success based on these characteristics, others can learn and succeed by focusing on developing these traits. Practicing perseverance, self-awareness, focus, drive and resilience all can lead you toward success. Successful people may be predisposed to possessing those characteristics, but those characteristics also can be developed over time.