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More than 60 percent of homes built today have fireplace in it. With all those fireplaces comes the need for fireplace cleaning, maintenance, repairs, installation and upgrades. The intense popularity of fireplaces within today’s homes comes with a thriving chimney cleaning industry. For a relatively small up-front investment, and a little training, you could cash in on the thriving chimney cleaning industry with your own chimney sweeping business.

Opening your own chimney sweeping business

people in trainingIf you’re looking for your own business opportunity, the thriving chimney sweeping industry provides great opportunity. In addition, there are plenty of businesses to be had sweeping and servicing chimneys. Opening a chimney sweeping business is also considerably cheaper than opening other types of businesses. A chimney sweeping business doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment, and anyone can learn to sweep a chimney with a bit of training.

SirVent makes starting your own chimney cleaning business even easier. We provide our franchisees with all of the materials they need, and we’ll help you find the perfect location for your business if you want an office location. We’ll provide you with extensive, ongoing training, coaching and marketing support too. You’ll also get a copy of our proven business plan, and we offer ongoing, one-on-one coaching so you can regularly check in for advice and feedback.

Growing your chimney sweeping business

Want to know another great reason to open your own chimney cleaning business? The chimney sweeping market offers a lot of opportunity for growing your business over time. Most chimney sweeping businesses don’t stop at just offering chimney cleaning services. Many chimney sweeps also repair fireplaces, stoves and chimneys.

Some chimney sweeps even offer clothes dryer vent cleaning, which utilizes the same set of tools that chimney sweeps use. Another way to grow your chimney sweeping business is to offer sales and installation of new fireplaces, fireplace inserts and stoves. When you own a SirVent franchise, and you’re ready to expand your business to offer new services or products, we are here to help. You can even have additional training to learn how to maintain, repair and install hearth appliances, and we also can help connect you to the top of the line products in your market.

Franchise with SirVent for a thriving business opportunity

With the ever-growing popularity of fireplaces and hearth appliances, chimney cleaning is a thriving business. If you are ready to capitalize on this thriving industry, you can get everything you need with a chimney sweeping franchise from SirVent! We offer the business plan, ongoing training, access to hearth products and ongoing support, and we have the resources you need to operate your own thriving business. Contact us to learn more today!