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Starting your own business venture can be unnerving, as you are filled with endless doubts and endless questions: Is this the right business for you? How will you grow your customer base? Do you have all the skills you need to succeed? When you start a chimney sweeping business, you are helping your customers protect their greatest investment, their home. By focusing on your mission of keeping your customers and their homes safe, you can build a good and valuable business.

Protecting your customers’ investments

As a chimney sweep, it is your goal to keep you customers and their homes safe from the dangers that can be posed by a dirty or malfunctioning fireplace, heating stove or chimney. You can do this first by performing chimney sweepings and inspections according to the guidelines of the Chimney Safety Institute of America. As you perform your duties, make sure you talk to you customers about their fireplace or heating stove and their chimney. A big part of your role as a chimney sweep is to educate your customers on the safe operation of their fireplaces and woodstoves. Clearly explain any problems you see in their appliances or chimneys, and be sure to keep your customers informed on the best way to maintain their chimneys. 


Expanding your services to meet customers’ needs

For a chimney sweeping business, annual sweepings and inspections are only the beginning when it comes to serving our customers and protecting their investment in their homes. To run a viable chimney sweeping business year round, and to meet customer’s needs, chimney sweeps offer a host of services. Those services include chimney repairs, such as replacing flashing, chimney caps and dampers, as well as dryer vent cleaning and repair. Those expanded services allow your customers to see your business as the play to go for dryer vent and chimney cleaning and repairs to keep their homes safe from the risk of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Becoming a business your customers can trust

Building trust with your customers is the foundation of any business. When you focus on protecting your customers and their homes, their level of trust in your business should naturally follow. By performing your services well, educating your customers with accurate and honest information, being friendly, and performing the services you say you will perform on time and efficiently, your customers’ trust in you and your business will grow. That trust will lead them to come back to you time and time again to protect their chimneys and their homes, and they will recommend you to family and friends looking for chimney sweeping services.

At SirVent Chimney & Venting Service, we believe in serving our customers well and growing good businesses by protecting our customers and their homes. When you open your SirVent franchise, we will arm you with the tools and skills you need to grow your customers’ trust by protecting their home investments.