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Positive customer feedback provides a boost for you as a business owner. However, negative customer feedback can be frustrating. If you are taking customer feedback in stride, appreciating the positive and trying to mitigate the negative, you are missing opportunities to grow your business.

Customer Feedback Helps Grow Your Business - SirVent FranchisingHow you can use feedback to grow.

When you take note of your customers’ feedback, you can find ways to use that feedback. Take it to your advantage to provide your customers with a better experience, better meet your customers’ needs, and motivate your employees.

Keep your customers by keeping them happy.

Business owners know that it is far easier to retain customers than to find new ones. In addition, keeping your customers means keeping your customers happy. Gathering feedback from your customers helps you to be sure you are providing a good customer experience. When you take the time to listen to feedback, you can address customers who were not satisfied. Just polling your customers can have an impact on retention: One study showed that customers were more likely to buy from brands who checked their satisfaction. They were also more loyal to brands that asked for their feedback.

Know what your customers want.

If you want to keep your business growing, you have to meet your customers’ needs. When you gather customer feedback, you can get a sense for the goods and services your customers want. Afterwards, you can prepare your business to meet those needs. Feedback lets you know how your services are meeting customer needs now, the services you could be offering to serve your customers, and which services you are offering that your customers might not want. By continuing to offer what customers want, you will be able to keep your customers and keep them happy.

Improve your image.

Feedback can help you with your marketing efforts and your public image. Gathering feedback can help you to keep customers happy and avoid negative online reviews. It can help you to gauge your public perception and your effectiveness at communicating about your business to your customers. You can also use feedback to help with your marketing by taking advantage of customers with overwhelmingly positive opinions. Those positive customers can be used as testimonials, encouraged to provide positive online reviews and give valuable referrals.

Motivate your employees.

Everyone loves praise. Letting your employees know the positive things customers have to say about them can be a key motivating factor to do a good job. You also can create incentives around providing a positive customer experience. Employees also value feeling involved in the organization; if you find a source of negative customer feedback, asking employees for their suggestions in addressing those negatives can help you find a solution. It also lets your employees know that they are a valuable part of your organization.

Feedback of all sorts is a valuable tool in growing your business. When it comes to feedback, ask for it, listen to it, and use it to grow your business toward success!