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Are you getting ready to take the leap to purchase your own franchise? If that’s the case, you’re likely wondering if you have what it takes to open your own franchise. When it comes to franchising with SirVent, here is what it takes: Having What it Takes to Franchise With Us - SirVent Franchising

An entrepreneurial spirit

Anyone looking to start their own business needs to have an entrepreneurial spirit. That means you have to be willing to take a risk and go out on your own. You need to be able to think on your feet and have a desire to do things on your own. While an independent spirit is universal among entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs also need to be able to set goals and follow a solid business plan. When it comes to franchisees, you also have to have a degree of trust in the business plan and advice you’re given.

Excellent communications skills, and a bit of business experience

The good news about opening a SirVent franchise is that it doesn’t require any degree of experience in the home-heating or chimney field. While we do welcome partnering with existing businesses or those experienced in home improvement or hearth care, what matters more is that you have excellent communications skills, a bit of a sense of how to operate a business, excellent customer service skills and some sales experience or talent.

A willingness to learn

Though experience in chimney service and hearth appliances aren’t necessary to purchase your SirVent franchise, you do need to be willing to learn and train to get the skills and knowledge you need. SirVent offers 20 hours of web-based training before you even begin your official SirVent training. From there, you can partake of Level 1 training, an 11-day training that offers information on human resources, sales, pricing, safety, service and repairs, and marketing; Level 2 training, a five-day course you can take two to three months after your initial training to learn more advanced service, inspection and repair skills; and Level 3 training, an additional 5-day training that comes two to three months after Level 2 training and teaches about different types of heating systems, installation, report writing, drafting estimates and more.


Starting a franchise, just like starting any other business, requires capital. When starting a franchise, you will, of course, need to be able to cover the costs of purchasing your franchise. In addition, you’ll need capital to cover the costs of renting or purchasing your business space, utility costs, purchasing equipment and hiring any staff you plan to have. Remember that in the first few years of any business, including a franchise, it can take some time to turn a profit, and the first couple of years of the business might provide little income to reinvest or support the business.

If you think you have what it takes to open your own SirVent franchise, now is the time to act! Get more information by calling (844) 747-8368 or by emailing info@sir-vent.com.