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Running a small business is an education in and of itself. From the time you start your business, you’re learning. You figure out how to make a business plan and how to open offices. Also, hire and coordinate a staff, and keep a budget. As you go, you learn how to deal with technology systems, tax filings, marketing strategy and all of the other intricacies that are involved in running a small business.

Grow your business by continuing your education Image - SirVent FranchisingAs a small business owner, you probably know just how much you don’t know. Taking the time and spending the money to further your own education can seem burdensome. However, small business owners need continuing education, too.

Here are some ways you can benefit from making time for continuing education:

  •  Learn new skills. Learning new skills is the obvious benefit to continuing education. Learn a new computer program, effective marketing techniques, or how to better manage your employees based on their personalities. In doing so, you will pick up new skills through continuing education. This will help you to run your business better.
  • Increase efficiency. Your business might be running pretty well. Having said that, there are always ways to increase your efficiency. With continuing education, you can learn new skills or better ways to operate. Techniques that will help you to do more with less. This, in turn, can reduce your stress and increase your business’s profitability.
  • Think outside the box. Continuing education can help you to think outside the box. One of the dangers of running a business day to day? You can get in a rut of always doing things the exact same way. Continuing education can help to spark your creativity and help you find out-of-the-box ways to operate and solve problems.
  • Increase your business’s credibility. If your continuing education earns you industry certifications, it can help to grow your business’s credibility and attract new customers to you.
  • Grow you network. When attending classes, conferences or seminars, you can grow your business network. Continuing education can introduce you to other small business owners and others in your industry. Thus, giving you a network of people who can help support you and your small business.


Despite the benefits, many small business owners are discouraged from continuing their educations. This is because continuing education can take time and money. That might be true, but there are ways to continue your education in a way that fits your budget and your time schedule. Of course, there are always local college courses, seminars, and conferences available. There are also books, websites, online college, and industry education courses. In addition to podcasts geared toward small business owners.

A little bit of online research can point you to some wonderful continuing education opportunities. Plus, many of them are low cost or even free! To continue your education does involve freeing up some time in your already busy schedule. However, you will find continuing education well worth it. Don’t limit the growth and profitability of your small business by putting off your continuing education!