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These days, companies are surrounded by customer feedback. From comments we receive directly from customers to comments on social media to emails to business rating sites, feedback from customers can be found with little to no effort. Of course, when customers complain, you’re quick to address the problem, but how are you using the rest of the customer feedback you receive? We’ve come up with some innovative ways to help you make the most of customer feedback.

Receiving Customer Feedback - SirVent Franchising

Capitalize on testimonials.

Testimonials from your customers speak volumes about your business. When your customers praise you in emails, on social media sites or on business rating sites, use them to your advantage. Those testimonials can be posted on your website, on your social media accounts, business brochures and other marketing materials. Almost nothing provides as much impact on a potential customer as feedback from a satisfied customer. Make sure you’re capitalizing on positive feedback.

Boost employee morale.

Everyone loves compliments, and when you receive positive feedback from a customer about your business or an employee, don’t let the praise end with you. Put a bulletin board in a place where all employees will see it, and dedicate it to positive customer feedback. Every time you receive praise, print it out or write it down, and post it on the board. Begin your staff meetings by reading the most recent positive comments you’ve received. If an employee is called out by name by a customer, publicly reward them by reading the compliments and presenting them with a small reward, whether it’s a printed out award they can hang on their wall, a candy bar or a gift card for a cup of coffee. When employees know that their hard work is appreciated, they’ll go the extra mile.

Evolve your product.

When customers suggest ways you can improve your business, don’t brush it off. Consider their suggestion, and see if there’s a better way you can meet their demands. Are customers continually asking for a product you’re not carrying or for a service you’re not offering? Consider expanding your inventory or your repertoire. You want to make sure you’re meeting your customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations, and responding to your feedback can help you do that. Your customer base matters: It cost companies six to seven times more to develop a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer.

Reward your customers.

When customers provide you with feedback, make sure they know it’s appreciated. Send them a thank you note. Make sure you do something to let that customer know that you genuinely care about and appreciate their feedback.

Never ignore feedback.

The worst thing you can do with customer feedback is to ignore it! Companies always have room for improvement, and customer feedback provides you with an opportunity to improve to meet your customers’ needs. While not every piece of feedback will be groundbreaking, nearly all of it is valuable. When you ignore customer feedback, you’re missing an opportunity to grow your business.

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