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One of the hardest things about running your own business is finding good employees. Especially if you are working to fill a position quickly, it can be difficult to find qualified applicants. However, there are many resources you have that can help you to efficiently find your next hire.

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Consider your current list of contacts

Chances are, you know the person who will lead you to your next hire. No one may come to mind when you try to think of someone you know who might fit your requirements, but your friends, family, acquaintances or former coworkers or bosses may be able to recommend someone. Make sure the people you know and trust know that you are looking for someone to fit a position, and they might be able to steer you to some potential applicants.


Give Incentive to your employees.

If you already have employees you value, chances are that they could recommend friends, family or acquaintances who would be interested in and skilled for your open position. Consider offering a bonus, either monetary, a gift card, or a paid day off, to employees who lead you to a hire that lasts six months or more.


Use social media.

It can be time consuming to list job postings in multiple locations or to call your list of contacts soliciting potential applicants. A quick post on Facebook could result in a lot of recommendations for your open position. Or peruse LinkedIn and take a look at your contact’s contacts to see who they know who would be qualified for your job opening.


Don’t be afraid of free job listings.

It’s easy to think you have to turn to big job sites or take out an ad in the local newspaper to find new employees. While those methods can be effective, there are free and easy ways to find employees, particularly if you’re running a local business. Post an ad on your city’s Craigslist site and place posters around town at locations potential applicants might hang out.


Post a notice on your website.

It may sound obvious, but post a notice on your website advertising your open positions. If you don’t have a section for job postings, you can place a simple notice with a link on your homepage. You’ll be surprised at how many job seekers visit websites of companies they would like to work for. Also, customers perusing your website might notice the ad and recommend a family member or friend.


Contact local colleges.

If you have a local college, community college or business school, they can be a valuable resource for finding new recruits. They likely have an office devoted to helping students and graduating students find employments. Let them know about your open positions, and they’ll send qualified applicants your way for any number of positions.

Filling an open position can seem like a daunting task, but there are so many simple things you can do to help attract qualified candidates. By employing our strategies, you’ll likely find attracting your next hire a much simpler process.