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A business simply cannot thrive without effective communication. Whether it’s you or your managers communicating downline to your employees, your employees communicating with one another or your business communicating a message to your customers, all communication helps to strengthen your business.

Communication outlines responsibilities.

Have you ever been frustrated with an employee? While he/she may be performing the basic duties of his or her role,  they still seem to be missing the mark? In such situations, it’s often because expectations weren’t clearly outlined. Touching base regularly with your employees to communicate your expectations and your positive feedback on their performance — as well as to hear their feedback on their work and role in the company — helps to ensure that they are fulfilling their duties as you see them. An employee can’t meet your expectations if you haven’t clearly communicated what your expectations are.

Communication steers the company vision.

There’s more to running a successful company than having employees who simply perform the mechanics of their jobs. When you communicate your company’s goals and vision with your employees, they know what the business is striving toward. They can perform their job duties with those goals and that vision in mind. When you’ve clearly communicated the direction you wish to steer your business with your employees, your entire team can work collectively to drive toward that vision.

Communication bolsters team effort.

Your team can’t be working toward your company vision if they aren’t communicating with one another. Communicating the company goals, its current agenda and any upcoming changes or plans helps your team be on the same page. Creating a culture of communication in which your team members share their knowledge, current workload and valuable information also ensures that your business has a collaborative environment in which everyone is coordinating together to fulfill your customers’ needs and grow your business. On top of that, an open work environment in which your employees communicate with one another about the business also fosters a pleasant work atmosphere in which employees feel they are a valued part of a team and helps them to build positive relationships with one another.

Communication helps you serve your customers better.

Two-way communication with your customers can help your business to grow by helping you to serve your customers better. Of course, there are the simple communications you have with your customers, such as outlining your goods and services, communicating costs and arrival times, etc. that are dealt with daily. Additionally, you can increase your customers’ confidence in your company by making sure your employees are thoroughly answering customers’ questions and going above and beyond to explain the services their performing or providing advice on the goods they are delivering or installing. You also can better serve your customers by being open to communication from them. Listen to feedback from your customers to gain insight into products and services they might want that you’re not currently offering.

Everyone stands to benefit when you focus on fostering a culture of communication in your business. Employees understand their responsibilities and their goals, and they work cohesively as part of a team. Customers feel heard, valued and more confident in the competence of your employees. And ultimately, your business can grow and thrive thanks to the benefits of good communication.