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Before starting your business you made sure you had all your ducks in a row including all of your industry certifications. Now that your business is up and running, you likely find yourself short on time, and certification tests and training can be difficult to schedule. But it’s still crucial that you keep your certifications up to date.

As you launched your chimney sweeping business, there were likely three certifications you pursued:

  1. Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) chimney sweep certification
  2. CSIA Dryer Exhaust Technician certification
  3. National Fireplace Institute certification.

After opening your business and marketing to customers, you likely touted those certifications. Now you know how to do your job well and you have a base of customers. So why do you still need to keep your certifications up to date?

Marketing Your Business With Certifications

As you launched your business, you likely knew the importance of telling your customers that you were certified by the industry experts in installing, repairing and cleaning fireplaces, chimneys and dryer vents. Now that your business has been established, the importance of those certifications to customers hasn’t vanished. When homeowners do a basic search for a chimney, fireplace or dryer vent technician, there’s little to set each business apart. If your business is certified, however, those certifications let those potential customers know that you are trained and educated in your friend and that you have sworn to uphold a professional code of ethics.

Some customers also will search for business like yours through industry websites. Countless customers go through the CSIA or the NFI because they know that those organizations are industry leaders in training and education. When your CSIA and NFI certifications are current, customers can find you by searching through those organization websites, giving potential customers one additional avenue to find you.

Growing Your Business With Certifications

Another benefit to maintaining your certifications is that it gives you the opportunity to grow your skills and grow your business. If you’ve been working for years in the business, you probably do know how to do your job effectively. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways to do things, new techniques or new technologies that can help you to do your job better. By keeping your skills and your knowledge up to date, you learn how to better serve your customers. And when you provide your customers with the best, most up-to-date service in the industry, they’ll come back to your business and tell their friends and family about your service. When your skills are up to date, you have the opportunity to grow your business further and faster.

In the end, industry certifications allow you to set your business apart from your competition. From letting potential customers know that you are up to date on industry best practices and that you follow industry ethics standards to providing your customers with the best service possible, maintaining your industry certifications certainly will pay off for your business in the end.