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Starting your own business can be a stressful experience. Will you have all of the knowledge you need to successfully get your business up and running? One of the benefits of starting your new business with aLevels 1, 2 and 3 of training with SirVent - SirVent Franchising franchise opportunity is that you’ll get the training you need to own and operate your own business. With a SirVent franchise, you will get three different levels of training that will help get your business started, help you grow your business and keep your business expanding over time.

Level 1 Training

SirVent’s training begins before you open the doors of your new business, and it gives you all of the tools you need to own and operate a business and employees. Before your official training begins, you will have access to 20 hours of online training to begin your orientation. From there, you will move into Level 1 training. Level 1 training with SirVent covers all of the basics of running a business. During this 11-day training, you’ll learn about human resources, sales, pricing, customer service, product service and repair, marketing, advertising, job safety and much, much more.

Level 2 Training

Once you complete Level 1 training, you will be ready to open your business. Level 2 training begins once you’ve had your business up and running for a period of time so you’ve learned the basic ins and outs of running a chimney sweeping business. Typically, Level 2 training occurs two to three months after you’ve completed Level 1 training and opened your doors. Level 2 training takes approximately five days to complete, and it offers more in-depth information on performing fireplace and chimney inspections and on fireplace and chimney repair services.

Level 3 Training

Another five-day training session, Level 3 will be available to you about two to three months after you’ve completed Level 2 training. Level 3 training information you can use to grow and expand your hearth business. Level 3 training includes information on different types of hearth heating systems, appliance installation techniques and information on writing reports, estimates and contracts. With Level 3 training, you will be able to offer your customers a more extensive lineup of products and services, and you will have the business knowhow to deal with customers from the thorough inspection process to writing an estimate and carrying out a contract.

With SirVent, your training doesn’t end when you complete the formal three-level training process! Our system involves ongoing training and development so you will continue to develop the skills you need to offer hearth products and services, as well as the skills you need to run and market your business. With SirVent, you will get complete training and support to help you through owning your own business. That includes staff training and on-site consultations! Get the training you need to successfully run a business with SirVent; contact us for more information today!