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Let’s face it. There are many great teams out there, and if you’re looking at starting your own business, you could choose from many different franchises. But what sets one apart from another? Well, many people do it very well, but in order to have real success, it’s important to know who you’re working with. teamwork makes the dream workWhen you know and trust the people you’re working with, you’re more likely to make your new business a smashing success. That’s why, at SirVent Franchising, we work with complete transparency and want to make sure to get to know the people we are working with.

Mark Stoner

Mark Stoner is the Director of Marketing at SirVent Franchising.
This is a long-term commitment for Mark; he’s been in the business for more than thirty years. It’s clear he loves being in the chimney sweeping business and loves working with people to help them love the business as well. Another indication of how much passion he has for the industry is that he has served as president of the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which is the nation’s leading authority when it comes to the chimney sweep industry. Mark understands what it takes to make your business a success from the get-go, and has proven that he knows how to make a business successful by building his own business into a multi-million door success story.

Jim Brewer

Jim Brewer, who serves as the Director of Training for our business, has close to forty years of experience as a chimney service business owner and operator. Because he knows how it feels to start a new business with a limited amount of training facilities, he understands how important it is to have someone in your corner, helping you learn the ropes as you go. As a new business owner, you’ll have enough on your mind without worrying about researching how things work. That’s why Jim is such a valuable resource. Not only do our training systems get you up and running in no time at all, but we are also there for you whenever you need advice or encouragement.

Cliff and Cheryl Slagle

Cliff is CEO and Training Support, and Cheryl is Administrative Personnel. With Cliff’s technical experience and skills and Cheryl’s extensive experience working in administration, they are a winning team that can help out with the tech side and the office management and business operations of your new business. They have been in the business for over twenty-five years, and have owned their own business for over twenty years. They know what it takes to be successful and offer ongoing support in all aspects of your new business.

Jake Loeffler

As Director of Franchise Development, Jake Loeffler offers support and consultations for our franchisees, helping them navigate through periods of growth and through times of stress as you start your new business. In the industry for fifteen years, he has owned his own business for ten, so he remembers what it feels like to start out. This gives him an awesome perspective on all aspects of starting out, as well as a fresh view of how to get your business off the ground and successful in no time.

If you’re looking to start your own chimney sweep business, let our dream team help you make your dream come true!