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As a small business owner, you easily can get caught up in the whirlwind of your day. There are employees to deal with, payroll, customers to address, networking events to attend, bills to pay — the list can go on and on. When you are dealing with so much, you can be easily thrown off course. One way to make sure your business stays on track is by paying attention to detail as you run your business.

Why details matter

Pay attention to detail when running your small business - SirVent FranchisingWhen you are busy dealing with the emergencies, such as irate customers or supply deliveries that are running late, it is easy to dismiss the small details assuming they will go unnoticed by others. The reality, however, is that your customers are sure to notice all of the details. And if the smallest details aren’t attended to, it is easy for customers to assume that the rest of your business isn’t being attended to. For example, a messy office or dirty bathroom sends the message that your business is unkempt. If your office is a mess and you do your business within a customer’s home, how can they be sure that you will treat their home with respect and leave it clean? An email or a phone answered in an unprofessional manner can send the message that you don’t run your business with a professional air.

Similarly, if you pay attention to details, your employees likely will follow suit. If you neglect the details, your employees will assume that they don’t need to pay attention, because you clearly aren’t. Conversely, if your employees know that your attention to detail is impeccable and your standards are high, most will strive to rise to your perfectionist ways.

How to improve your attention to detail

Even with your busy schedule, it is possible to increase your attention to detail. First, look at tasks that draw too much of your time and determine how necessary they are and whether you are spending too much time on them. If there are necessary tasks you are spending an inordinate amount of time on, you may be consider delegating those tasks to some of your employees. Make a list of the business details you believe are most important to your success, and make sure you sent aside time in your schedule to evaluate how those details are being tended to and address those details as needed.

Make sure you are taking feedback into consideration. If there are details you are missing, your customers or your employees may be letting you know. Let you employees question how and why you do things as a way to consider the details of your operation and your business. You may consider having a respected friend or colleague come into your office and look at your setup and your operations with the intent of questioning your methods and providing their feedback.

While it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the many things you have to handle as a small business owner, paying attention to the details you know matter will help lead to your success. If you focus on the small details, the larger details will fall into place, and you will be better prepared for dealing with unexpected issues.