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SirVent is a chimney and venting franchise, leading the industry in servicing American homes. We recently spoke with Mark Stoner, Director of Marketing for SirVent Franchising, to find out more about this franchise opportunity. We learned what a typical day in the life of a franchisee entails, what they look for in potential franchisees and where he sees the franchise headed in the next five years.


What’s special about the franchise?SirVent Finds Success In a Previously Underserved Niche - SirVent Franchising

SirVent is in the chimney industry, and there’s very little competition for organized chimney sweeping and restoration companies. Almost every market in the U.S. has a lot of potential with millions of chimneys out there that are in need of servicing and restoration.

I was part of some industry surveys that showed that only about five to seven percent of Americans’ chimneys are actually maintained on an annual basis, so we’re in the safety business. Whenever you light your fire in your fireplace or burn your gas logs or even use your dryer vents, it can create flammable build up. If that build up catches fire, the building can burn — we’re in the business of protecting property and lives. 


What is the idea behind the franchise?

We’ve all been friends for the last seven or eight years, helping each other with each of our businesses. We noticed how different we were all running our businesses, though they were all successful at different levels. One day, we said, “Why don’t we try to put all of our best ideas together into a package, so if someone gets into this industry, they can get a lot farther faster than we did starting out on our own.” We’re four industry leaders coming together to give new business owners a fast leg up. 


How does it compare to its competition?SirVent Finds Success In a Previously Underserved Niche - SirVent Franchising

The biggest difference about our system is that you don’t have very much competition in any market you choose to enter. Most markets don’t have that many organized chimney companies. Additionally, we have some unique, proprietary products that aren’t available to everyone, and they are very profitable. We’re showing interested business owners the best way to provide the service while maximizing profit on jobs.

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