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The best type of job is where you get to be your own boss and with the right tools and certification, owning a chimney sweeping business can be a great career. Having a chimney sweeping business means you get to make your own hours and set your own pay, as well as work a job that’s in high demand. Consider the benefits of owning your own chimney sweeping business.

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Chimney Sweeps Are In Demand

Chimney sweeping professionals are in short supply and with good reason: few people like to climb on top of roofs and clean chimneys. That’s good news for you! When you establish your business in a small, niche market you can begin to capitalize on that specific industry in your area. In other words, if no one else wants to do the job that you’re trained and certified to do, then you get all the business. Take advantage of the niche market of chimney sweeping services to grow your business AND help homeowners maintain their living spaces.

Chimney Sweeps Have Low Start-Up Costs

When you start your own business, it’s important to consider what the initial costs will be for you. When you start a chimney sweeping business your overhead is very low. You will need to purchase specific tools and equipment that will allow you to inspect and clean all types of chimneys. Beyond that, it’s important to invest in your education and certification. The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends a certain amount of certification and education to provide you with the tools you need to do your job properly, as well as set you apart from your competitors. Other than that, some appointment software and billing software are truly all you need to get started.

Chimney Sweeps Have Job Security

Homeowners fall into two categories: those that maintain their chimneys regularly and those that don’t. The homeowners that have their chimneys and fireplaces cleaned, swept and inspected regularly will always require your services. The homeowners that neglect their chimneys will eventually need chimney repairs, which means further job security for you. In short, chimney sweeps are always in demand and will always have work.

If you are ready to switch to an exciting like chimney sweeping, then a franchise is a great opportunity for you. A franchise like SirVent Chimney & Venting Service will help you start your business. You’ll get to be your own boss and watch your business grow, and an additional benefit is that you’ll have a business under a name that’s already established and reputable. A franchised chimney sweeping company is a win-win opportunity because you’ll reap all the benefits of owning your own business (flexible hours, great salary, opportunity for growth) but you’ll do so with the security of a business that’s already established. Contact SirVent Chimney & Venting Services for more information about franchising today.