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Trainings are Included in the SirVent Franchise System - SirVent FranchisingBusiness experts agree: When it comes to franchising, quality training matters. That’s because training primes new business owners for success. When they know how to run their businesses and service and sell their products, their businesses are more likely to succeed. Well-trained business owners also are able to provide their customers with expert advice and quality service, which furthers a franchise’s reputation.

At SirVent, we know how important training is to the success of our franchisees. That’s why we supply our franchisees with 20 hours of web-based training, followed by three different levels of hands-on training. That’s on top of the access you’ll have to SirVent’s exclusive business models and procedures. When you sign up as a SirVent franchisee, here’s what you stand to learn.

Level 1 training

Level 1 training is an 11-day training program on the basics on operating your new SirVent business. Through Level 1 training, you will learn what you need to get started in running your hearth business, including: human resources, pricing, sales, customer service, job safety, service and repair, marketing and advertising, and other business basics.

Level 2 training

Once you’ve learned the basics about running your SirVent business, you will be able to move on to Level 2 training. Level 2 training is a five-day training program that you will be eligible to take two to three months after you complete your Level 1 training. Level 2 training offers more in-depth knowledge and experience on chimney and fireplace inspections and repairs.

Level 3 training

Level 3 training is another five-day training program that you can choose to take two to three months after you complete your Level 2 training. Level 3 training offers in-dept information on different types of heating systems, installation, report writing, drafting estimates, creating contracts and much, much more.

At SirVent, we’re committed to making sure our franchisees have all of the training and information they need to succeed as the CEOs of their own small businesses. In addition to our business models and procedures, our web-based training and our three levels of in-depth training, you will have access to on-going support, including product and service updates, remote franchisee support, refresher trainings and on-site business planning meetings. In short, when you franchise through SirVent, we’ll help you find your path to success, and you won’t be left to navigate the waters of small business ownership alone.

What else does SirVent’s extensive training program mean? It means that you don’t need to be experienced in the hearth industry or as a business owner to succeed. As long as you have a willingness to learn, a strong work ethic and excellent communication and customer service skills, you can succeed in running your own SirVent business. To learn more about what SirVent has to offer you, contact us at (844) 747-8368 or info@sir-vent.com.