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Have you thought about your job lately? Most of us go from day to day, doing the same old thing without giving it much consideration. But if you stop and give it some thought, are you happy doing what you do? Is it where you see yourself in five or ten or even twenty years? Or would you rather be in charge of your own business, making the decisions and hiring good people to help you out? Do you want to create job Woman at starting lineopportunities for other motivated people? If you answer yes to these questions, and if you love working with fireplaces and chimneys, you might want to consider opening your own chimney business.

Where to Start

First off, know yourself. Know your strengths and your limitations. If you are the determined, creative, see-it-through type, owning your own business might be the thing for you. If you know you have the outgoing personality to work with people, but maybe not a head for business, it might be wise to pair yourself with someone who will be able to keep the business end of things running. Know what you’re good at and what you like to do and use it! Also, consider how much money you need to live. Remember, new business often don’t really start to make money right away, so you’ll want to make sure you have savings in reserve to help if money is tight for a while.


Conduct market research. See if there’s another similar product on the market in the area where you’re located. Make sure that people want and need what you’re trying to sell. Determine how much it’s going to cost to perform the service, and how much you’re going to have to charge to make money. Make sure that it’s affordable enough for people to purchase it because if the incoming profit can’t match the outgoing money flow, you won’t have a business for long.. If you’re planning to sell products from other companies, be sure that you have researched which products will sell best.

Find the Right Consultant

Unless you have an expert legal mind, you’ll need to surround yourself with people who know the rules and regulations that go into starting your own business. You’ll need to know tax information, any permits or licenses that you may need, or any trademarks, patents, or copyrights you may need to know about. Everything needs to be done right in order for you to have an ongoing, successful business, and this is one area you don’t want to face any surprises.

Write Out Your Plan

You’ll also want to write out a business plan. This plan should detail your business from start to your intended goal. This should include a business description, marketing strategies, and financing opportunities, among other things.

Get Going!

If you’re serious about starting your own chimney related business, it’s time to give SirVent Franchising a call. We have a successful business and would love to help you start a franchise of your own. We’ll give you the support and training you’ll need to have a successful business.