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The difference between being an employee and owning your own business has often been described with the analogy of owning verses renting your home. When you are an employee you are “renting” your life, when you own your own business you are “investing” in your life. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, the seeming daunting responsibilities of owning your own business blur into a passion and drive that make you feel proud and eager to go to work and serve your customers. Sir Vent Franchising offers you the best of both worlds with their opportunity to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Be Your Own Boss - SirVent Franchising

When you own your business you make the decisions that determine your business’ fate. Your success is determined by strategic planning, hard work, ability to deliver a quality product or service, and make a profit. Sir Vent Chimney & Venting Service has cleared the path ahead of time for you. We know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the burgeoning chimney industry. Sir Vent provides our franchisees with a proven business model, technical knowledge, financial blueprints, along with ongoing training and support to help you meet and exceed your goals. And the rewards, both financially and emotionally, of owing your own business provide unparalleled personal satisfaction.

You have an overwhelming sense of freedom you have when you own your own business. And we’re not just talking about taking the afternoon off to play golf or attend your children’s field trip. (While you can do all those things and more, staying focused and working is one of the keys to the success of your business.)

We want you to consider the freedom you have to set the “corporate culture” of your business, even with a small business.

  • You have the freedom to treat your customers with respect and provide the highest level of service; when you own the business you can do the right thing for your customers without having to jump through hoops to get approval from your supervisor.
  • As a business owner, you choose your co-workers based on their compatibility with you, their expertise, and shared vison for the mission of your business.
  • There is no ceiling or limitations in regards to your income, the scope of your responsibilities, or bureaucratic chain of command to navigate when you own the company.

Inc.com points out one of the rewards of owning your own business is the ability to give back to the community, not only through philanthropy, but also by creating employment opportunities. “I take great pride in knowing that (I create) opportunities for people to have jobs that they love,” says Chris Brusznicki, founder of a sports vacation rental business called GamedayHousing. “There’s nothing more American than that.”

Pete Sveen is on a self-described entrepreneurial journey with a mission to help and inspire business owners. Sveen reflects, “Many people working for others might not have as much freedom as they’d like or may not be very passionate about what they do for a living. A big part of their lack of satisfaction seems to be due to the job they go to day after day. These people feel like they are stuck in a rut, but might not know the best way to get out. If this is the case, starting your own business just might dig you out of the rut and get you onto the right track.”

If we have touched any nerves with you, or ignited your curiosity to own your own business we’d love to speak with you. To contact us and for more information on franchise opportunities through Sir Vent, click here.