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Chimney sweeps invoke thoughts of brush-wielding men standing on rooftops. They also bring thoughts of soot and ash. The truth is, the life of a chimney sweep, while not usually as glamorous or dirty as depicted, brings a lot of possibilities and advantages that may make you want to become a chimney sweep.


What it means to be a chimney sweepWhy you might want to become a chimney sweep - SirVent Franchising

The job of a chimney sweep is pretty straightforward: The chimney sweep uses specialized brushes and equipment to clear highly flammable creosote from the insides of chimneys. Chimney sweeps also have to be well-versed in the anatomy of a chimney and able to spot potential problems, from fire hazards to water damage, in chimneys and fireplaces. Many chimney sweeps expand the scope of their work to include the sales and installation of heating stoves and fireplace, chimney repair or masonry work.


What it takes to become a chimney sweep

Chimney sweeps play a vital role in preventing chimney fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and structural damage. To be a good chimney sweep, those entering the field should take courses with groups like the Chimney Safety Institute of America and earn their certifications. They also can consider apprenticing with another chimney sweep to learn the ins and outs of being a chimney sweep.


How you can benefit from being a chimney sweep

Training as a chimney sweep and investing in the proper equipment gives you another opportunity: The opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Chimney sweeps can start and operate their own business. As such, they can decide their own hours and decide how many jobs they should take. However, to be competitive in the field, chimney sweeps should expect to schedule appointments during regular business hours, but should expect to have to handle emergency calls.

While working as a chimney sweep can come with some pitfalls, like working in dirty chimneys and standing atop roofs in extreme weather conditions, there are many positives. The work is varied, from chimney sweeping to removing animal nests to troubleshooting chimney and fireplace problems. That means there’s always something new and always a challenge to address. As a chimney sweep, you’ll also play a vital role in your client’s home maintenance. Your chimney sweeping services keep their homes clean and safe, and you’ll find a grateful and gracious clientele.


How you can explore being a chimney sweep

If you think chimney sweeping could be right from you, call SirVent! We can help you explore the possibilities of owning your own chimney sweeping businesses and help guide you through the process of becoming a chimney sweep.